Oct 6, 2016

Disengagement ring to gorilla: from Kim Kardashian West jewelry to Hurricane Matthew

Kardashian West jewels to Hurricane Matthew's gorilla: set stage for manhunt for blacks: 
After reading the article below you'll know how the illuminati also married Kardashian West to hurricane Matthew's gorilla, albeit this time only figuratively, by timing and agenda.

From UN aid convoy bombed to Kardashian West married to Hurricane Matthew's gorilla with a disengagement ring: GENOCIDE is the KEYWORD
"Syria truce: UN aid convoy bombed" is a psy-op of type "to be later exposed", in this case as "after all not not by russian air strikes but by a rebel missile".
The agenda is to continue to carry out an ongoing genocide, even as it's pushed to the utter limits in broad daylight in Aleppo.
Oct 3 2016: "Kim Kardashian jewelry, including engagement ring: robbed at gunpoint" is a similar psy-op.
- two of the coming most "shocking" acts are also based on the same type of psy-op applied to two other interracial albeit extramarital relationships:
Justified "killings" and natural "deaths" to be "exposed" as "murders" during the BIG BANG: The mother(s) of Obama (in reality an ethnic indonesian) & Pope Francis's love children: the murdered black Miriam(s), age 34.
- "2016: Kardashian West insurance scam" and its subliminal marriage to Hurricane Matthew's subliminal gorilla, same as "2013: Obama ordered Secret Service to riddle the mother of his love child with bullets at the US Capitol".
All part of advancing another genocide, scheduled to start as soon as the illuminati will defeat or at least neutralize the rebels in Aleppo.

Kim Kardashian's $3.5m engagement ring: lost or stolen? - for dummies
Kardashian and Kanye West headlines: "Kim Kardashian's jewelry stolen from her at gunpoint totaled £8.5m".
It's a psy-op of type "to be later exposed", in this case as "Kardashian's jewelry: staged robbery for insurance scam".
"Did Kim lose her $3.5m engagement ring?" also subliminally references the lluminati about to literally disengage interracial couples at the "FEMA camps".
In other words: the Walmarts and stadiums that will be used to carry out the genocide were designed not only to host gas chmabers but also guillotines .

Hurricane Matthew: fake satellite image: cheap trick for dummies
It's the classic subliminal association of blacks and gorillas, meant to be served next to "ads" of blacks, from "serious" on-line media to forums for "conspiracy theorists".
The REAL launch of evolution theory was as simple as ONE image, and within that image the launchpad was "coincidentally" a gorilla.
As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism: the most important psy-op associating blacks and gorillas was also the cheap trick that really convinced the audience into believing the most devastating lie ever created by the illuminati.
An image released immediately after Darwin's evolution theory, long before "out of Africa was proven true by genetic reconstruction".

Oct 3 2016
Did Kim lose her $3.5m engagement ring? Star flaunted massive rock given to her by Kanye just two hours before she was robbed at gunpoint

Hurricane Matthew as a gorilla. 

Syria "truce": UN aid convoy bombed hoax: How it was staged; Agendas

Talk of subliminal images, interracial psy-ops and evolution:
Aug 2014- from Ferguson to coming Baltimore riots, "dead" Brown to coming Gray 
added Nov 2014: interracial rape culture pause by Bill Cosby.

Cheap tricks with gorillas:
First post by Last Prophet, from 2003: 
post #472 by Last Prophet, the last post for the last 8 years:

Talk of fake v real signs of God:
London Olympics 2012, End of USA: staged glitches v divine signs: US flag, The Star-Spangled Banner, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama
During what was originally scripted as the very last Games: illuminati paradoxically watch in shock the US flag go south, ten days after the korean flag "unexpectedly" went the other way round: from south to north.

"To be later exposed" technique, but this time applied to two extramarital relationships:
Justified "killings" and natural "deaths" to be later "exposed" as "murders":
The mother(s) of Obama & Pope Francis's love children: the murdered black Miriam(s), age 34

Last Prophet's words from Dec 2009: 
Who will the neo-Gestapo first come for this time
Martial law to be proclaimed after Obama's staged arrest, officially launches the manhunt for dissidents and non-whites, starting with gang members.
First two groups of whites to be rounded and guillotined in malls:
- political dissidents, arrested initially still using the "deemed mentally ill" excuse.
- part of interracial couples.
This as the ongoing genocide of "mentally ill" and handicapped will be legalized.
As for tens of millions of other whites, starting with elderly, they will be murdered shortly after with compulsory vaccination.

What TRULY separates the illuminati religion from ALL previous satanic cults.
"Coincidentally" it also separates the illuminati from any cult or religion in History.